Lets accelerate your web3 product, RnDAO launches its first MVP accelerator cohort

While Web2 focused heavily on users, it created new problems such as data-related issues, privacy concerns, and addiction. Web3, on the other hand, has re imagined the entire system. However, to succeed, Web3 needs products that offer both freedom and decentralization while also providing an excellent user experience.

Unfortunately, Web3 projects often struggle to truly understand customer problems and conduct thorough research, resulting in numerous failed products. To address this, there is a need to make research skills and knowledge on running decentralized organizations more accessible. To respond to this need, we have created an MVP of a research-focused accelerator called RnDAOccelerator. (Thanks to a microgrant from BackDrop)

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Who are we?

  • We are experts in research and venture building.

  • We have successfully launched ventures.

  • We have extensive connections within the Web3/DAO community.

What will happen during the sessions?

  • 4 hours of live interaction split into two sessions of 2 hours each.

  • You will receive expert advice and practical steps.

  • Hands-on experience in user research, applied to real-world scenarios.

  • Peer feedback will be given to participants throughout the process.

  • Materials will be provided to test concepts without building fully-fledged products.

  • You will be inspired and equipped with the skills to build exceptional products that address genuine needs.

  • Guidance will be offered on managing decentralized teams effectively and walking the talk.

Who are we looking for?

  • Individuals with a promising idea for a Web3 product that helps people collaborate better (e.g. DAO tooling, community tooling, contributor tooling) or related ideas that enable a new way of working.

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs, whether business-oriented or technologists, who possess:

    • A product they are currently working on, or

    • An idea they want to develop, or

    • A set of ideas they are considering, or

    • A specific problem area they are passionate about.

  • Entrepreneurs with a product but struggling for Product-Market fit.

The desired outcomes for participants:

  • cheaper and better user research, which leads to:

  • increased chance of finding a viable product solving an important user problem, which builds the...

  • foundation for a profitable revenue and business model


Sign up for our first run on 3rd and 6th of July at 2-4PM UTC (10AM NY, 4PM, Berlin, 10PM Singapore) below, if you can't make those dates still sign up and we will invite you to future cohorts.

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